Van Goghs Additives Unlock the Miracle of Healthy Roots, Dense Buds, and Vibrant Leaves!

Van Goghs Additives offer the ultimate solution for cannabis growers looking to enhance the growth and yield of their plants. Our four flagship products – Miracle Roots, Miracle C Bud Booster, Radical Enzymes, and Master Leaf – are specially designed to improve and complement your base nutrients, providing your cannabis plants with the essential elements needed for optimal growth and development.

Miracle Roots is a powerful root stimulator that helps your plants develop a robust and healthy root system, ensuring maximum absorption of nutrients and water. Miracle C Bud Booster is a high-performance bloom enhancer that stimulates the production of resin and essential oils, resulting in bigger, denser, and more potent buds.

Radical Enzymes is a unique blend of enzymes that promotes nutrient uptake and reduces nutrient waste, allowing your plants to thrive and reach their full potential. Finally, Master Leaf is a premium foliar spray that delivers essential micronutrients and trace elements directly to the leaves, improving overall plant health and vitality.

With Van Goghs Additives, you can achieve exceptional results and take your cannabis cultivation to the next level. Our products are easy to use, highly effective, and scientifically formulated to deliver outstanding results.

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