How to Boost Your Cannabis Plant's Root Health with Van Goghs Root Enhancer

How to use Root Enhancher

Before using, shake the bottle, then dilute 100ml of Miracle roots in 100 liters of water (dilution rate (1:1.000).

Miracle Roots is a flexible solution that can be efficiently utilized in various growing methods, such as soil, hydroponics, and coco.


  1. To start making your nutrient solution, put your preferred base nutrient such as A and B Cocos/Hydro, or Soil into the water container. Then, add any desired supplements like Miracle Roots and check the pH and EC levels before giving it to your plants.
  2. Miracle Roots must be used during the vegetative stage and can be used into the first two weeks of the flowering stage. During this time, the plant is still undergoing significant growth, and using Miracle Roots helps maintain root health and boost flower development.
  3. It's essential to follow Van Goghs feeding schedule below carefully. Overuse can lead to root burn, which can damage the plant. Under use can result in a weaker root system. Make sure you dilute the product precisely (1:1.000).
  4. Miracle Roots is designed to work in conjunction with other Van Goghs products. Using them together provide a balanced nutrient profile for your cannabis plants.
  5. Don't use it after 2 weeks into the flowering stage: Miracle Roots is not recommended for use during the flowering stage. At this stage, the plant is focusing on producing flowers and doesn't need as much emphasis on root growth. Using it during this stage can lead to nutrient imbalances and reduced yields.

By following the instructions carefully, and combining it with other Van Goghs products, you help your plants achieve their full potential. Follow the feeding schedule below for best results.