Using pH regulators for cannabis growth is essential for maintaining the ideal pH balance in your water and nutrient solution.

How to use cannabis PH regulators

Use Van Goghs PH Regulator Tips and Feeding Schedule for The Best Results

Van Gogh's PH regulators are versatile and can be utilized in various growing applications such as soil, hydroponics, and coco.

Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting out, using Van Goghs pH regulators for your cannabis grow can help you achieve optimal growth and yield. Here are some Valuable tips and advice:

Determine the pH level of your water or nutrient solution using a pH meter or pH strips.

  • For soil, add small amounts of Van Goghs pH regulator until the ideal pH value of 5.8 to 6.1 is reached. For hydroponics and cocos, you need to stay at the lower end of that ratio, around pH 5.8, for optimal nutrient uptake.
  • Mix the water or nutrient solution thoroughly to ensure the pH regulator is evenly distributed.
  • Re-check the pH level of the solution to ensure it is at the desired range.
  • Use the solution to water your cannabis plants as needed.

For best results, it is recommended to check the pH level of your water or nutrient solution regularly, as pH levels can fluctuate over time. Adjust the pH as necessary with Van Goghs pH regulators to maintain optimal pH levels and promote healthy growth.

Van Goghs pH regulators are made with extra-concentrated formulas to provide maximum effectiveness with minimal product usage. Trust Van Goghs to help you achieve the best results possible in your cannabis grow.