How to Use Enzymes to Boost Your Cannabis Cultivation Naturally

How to use Radical Enzymes

To unlock the full potential of MASTER RADICAL ENZYMES, give it a good shake before use!

For optimal results, when using this product for the first time, add 200 ml to 100 liters of water (at a 1:500 ratio). Then, every other week, continue to feed your plants with 100 ml of MASTER RADICAL ENZYMES mixed with 100 liters of water (at a 1:100 ratio). This will ensure your crops receive the powerful enzymatic support they need to thrive.

  • Radical Enzymes is a versatile solution that can be effectively used in a wide range of growing applications, including soil, hydroponics, and coco.


  1. To prepare your nutrient solution, begin by adding your chosen base nutrient (e.g. A and B Cocos/Hydro or Soil) to the water container. Next, mix in any desired additives like Master Radical Enzymes and assess the pH and EC levels before administering to your plants.
  2. Use enzymes throughout the full grow and flowering cycle: Enzymes can be beneficial at every stage of cannabis growth, from seedling to harvest. Using enzymes early in the growth cycle can help break down dead plant matter and improve nutrient availability, while using them later can help improve terpene and resin production.
  3. Use Master Radical Enzymes in combination with other nutrients. Using a complete nutrient regimen can help ensure your plants get all the essential nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.
  4. Follow instructions carefully: Always follow the instructions provided on Van Goghs feeding schedule below.
  5. Monitor plant health: Keep a close eye on your plants when using Master Radical Enzymes, it can sometimes cause nutrient burn or other issues if not used correctly. Monitor plant health regularly and adjust your nutrient regimen as needed to ensure optimal growth.
  6. Consider organic options: If you are growing cannabis for medicinal purposes or want to produce organic cannabis, consider using organic enzyme products such as Master Radical enzymes. This product is formulated only with natural ingredients and helps improve plant health without the use of synthetic chemicals.